Hebrew Slang

There are so many pages of Hebrew slang on the internet ( and a lot of them are copies of each other. Some of the lists have it written in Hebrew, others in transliteration. Transliteration is nice but I prefer having the Hebrew. This is an attempt to collect all the slang I can find in one complete list — with both the Hebrew and the transliteration. I’ve started with the list I found here — the Alpha Bet of Hebrew Slang.

Arabic word – meaning great
Example: Achla dress / Achla movie / Achla hummous (there is even a brand of hummous called Achla)

על הפנים
Al Ha’panim
Translation: On the face
Meaning: Terrible, awful
Example: This flu is really getting to me – I am feeling al ha’panim

עברנו את פרעה נעבור גם את זה
Avarnu et Paro, na’avor gam et zeh
Translation: We overcame Pharaoh, we will get through this too
Meaning: We overcame that hardship, we will overcome this one too.
Example: It’s been two hours already and we haven’t solved the problem – Don’t worry, avarnu et Pharaoh, na’avor gam et zeh

Meaning: A mess, a catastrophe or complicated situation.
Example: There is such a balagan in the kitchen, I better clean up / There is such a balagan in the government at the moment, every day there is something else happens.

Meaning: Doing something quietly or secretively, behind the scenes without notifying anyone
Example: Why do you do things be’shu’shu?

בטן גב
Beten gav
Translation: Stomach, back
Meaning: A time of relaxation, when all one does is turn over from ones back to ones stomach.
Example: I’ve been working hard, I really need some beten gav.

בוקר טוב אליהו
Boker tov Eliyahu
Translation: Good morning Eliyahu
Meaning: Nice of you to remember to show up / remember
Example: Boker tov Eliyahu where have you been – we said 10am and it’s now12

אלף אחוז
Elef Ahuz
Translation: 1000%
Meaning: Being absolutely certain about something.
Example : Are you sure you he is having an affair? Yes – elef ahuz

איכסה פיכסה
Eichsa fichsa or eichs
Meaning: Yuck
Example: Eichsa, this food is not tasty at all

איזה סרט
Eizeh seret
Literal translation: What a movie
Meaning: A series of out-of-the-ordinary events in real-life, usually with a negative connotation
Example: You can’t believe what we went through at the border crossing…. Eizeh seret! Of course if you saw a great movie, you would also say – Gee, the Titanic, eizeh seret!

Meaning: From an Arabic word meaning an embarrassing failure or mess-up
Example: Eizeh fadicha – I fell asleep at work today

גיהצת את הכרטיס אשראי
Gihatza et HaCartis Ashray
Translation: You ironed your credit card
Meaning: You’ve spent a lot on your credit card
Example: You did a lot of shopping today – Gihatzta et HaCartis Ahsray

גילית את אמריקה
Gilita et America
Translation: You discovered America
Meaning: Tell me something I don’t know
Example: You’re not gonna believe it but they’re making onion flavored crackers now. – Really? Gilita et America

הדוד מאמריקה
Ha’dod me’America
Translation: The uncle from America
Meaning: The rich uncle (or family member or even a friend) from the US who spoils all his “poor” Israeli relatives with many gifts.
Example: I wish I had a dod m’America who would send me the new iPhone.

חבל על הזמן
Haval Al Ha’zman
Translation: Pity about the time
Meaning: can be a positive (eg. fantastic) or negative reaction (waste of time)
Example: It was a great movie – haval al ha’zman
or – It was such a boring movie – haval al ha’zman
Teenage abbreviation – Hav’laz (an abbreviation of the first letter of the 3 words)
Example: She bought a stunning outfit – hav’laz!

Arabic origin – aggravating, annoying, irritating
Example: Ata Ma’vi li et HaJanana – You are annoying me

Translation: Revolting mess
Meaning: Grime, gunge
Example: I have to wash the floors and get rid of all the Jiffa

כמה כמה
Kama kama?
Translation: How much, how much?
Meaning: What’s the score?
Example: In the game between Maccabi and Hapoel – Kama, kama?

כף רצח
Kef retzach
Lit: Kef = fun & Retzach = Murder
Meaning: The best fun ever
Example: His bartmitzvah party was kef retzach

כאילו דה
Ke’ilu da
Translation: Like, duh
Meaning: stating the obvious – teenage slang
Example: Have you done your homework? – Ke’ilu da

Koo Koo
Meaning: Pony-tail in your hair or the hair band used to make one
Example: Mom, I’ve got gym today, please make a koo koo for me

מה המצב
Ma Ha Ma’tzav
Translation: What is the situation
Meaning: What’s up
Example: Hey man, what’s up? Hey ben-adam, ma ha’ma’tzav?

עוף מכובס
Of mechubas
Translation: a chicken that has been laundered
Meaning: A bland chicken cooked in boiling water.
Example: If we to your parents for the holidays, we will have to eat her of mechubas, but if we go to my parents…..

Meaning: In just a moment, very soon
Example: I’ve got an appointment O-to-to – gotta get going

Meaning: Fringe or bangs
Example: At the hairdresser – Should I give you a pony

Meaning: Cool
Example: So you’re all coming to the party. Magniv

?מה אני, עז
Ma ani, ez?
Translation: What am I, a goat?
Meaning: Protesting of unequal treatment
Example: After noticing all the kids got candy except him, Danny turns to his mother and says: “Ma ani, ez?”

נפל לי האסימון
Nafal lee ha’asimon
Translation: My token dropped
Meaning: And then it hit me. An asimon was the coin used in Israel’s payphones until the 1990s, made famous because of the hole in the middle.
Example: Now I know why he did that. Nafal lee ha’asimon, I finally figured it out.

Meaning: Utilizing connections to your advantage.
Example: Joe got the job because his father knows the managing director . It’s all protekzia (Now also known as Vitamin P)

Meaning: great, wonderful
Example: How are things with you? Sababa!

Translation: A hit. Was used mainly in the 70s and 80s
Example: The movie was a shlager

Translation: That delicious European cake with apples and nuts
Meaning: The @ sign in an email address
Example: This website’s email address is anglolist shtrudel gmail dot com

שטויות במיץ עגבניות
Sh’tu’yot be Mitz Ag’va’ni’yot
Translation: Nonsense in tomato juice
Meaning: It’s nonsense
Example: I don’t agree with you, you are talking “shtuyot be mitz agvaniyot”

סמוך עלי
Smoch aly
Translation: Trust me
Meaning: An arrogance that things will work out
Example: Landlord to his tenant: I’ll get it fixed by next week, smoch aly! (Yeah, yeah!)

סוף הדרך
Sof Haderech
Translation: End of the road
Meaning: Great, fantastic
Example: We ate dinner at the new sushi place, the meal was sof haderech, the best I’ve ever had.

סוף העולם שמאלה
Sof ha’olam smola
Literal translation: The end of the world, left
Meaning: The middle of nowhere or isolated, in the back of beyond
Example: They live off the beaten track. It’s sof ha’olam smola

Literal translation: Sponging
Meaning: Cleaning the floor the Israeli way – a broom-like object that has a long spongy, rubber attachment (called a “goomi” in Hebrew) to which you throw over a wet floor rag and clean the floor.
Example: I can’t meet you for breakfast on Friday morning, I have to sponja the floors.

טעים רצח
Ta’im retzach
Literal translation: Ta’im = Tasty & Retzach = Murder
Meaning: Absolutely delicious
Example: My mother’s chopped liver is ta’im retzach

טפו טפו טפו
Tfu, tfu, tfu…
Meaning: Knock on wood. A superstitious saying
Example: Don’t worry mom, she is a healthy child. -Tfu, tfu, tfu…

טוטל לוס
Total loss
Meaning: Taken from the English – a car that has been damaged beyond repair in a road accident.
Example: They had an accident and the car is ‘total loss’

Meaning: A Hebrew slang word that encompasses a wide variety of interpretations. Depending on the pronunciation of walla, it could mean: really? Hmm, I see, okay
Example: The new Harry Potter book has just been released
Harry potter junkie: Walla!

זה זה
Zeh zeh
Translation: It is it
Meaning: ‘This is it’ or he/she is the one
Example: I love him and he loves me. He is my soul mate. Zeh zeh.


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  2. Adam
    Dec 04, 2011 @ 17:15:56

    מדהים! כל הכבוד לך.
    2 תיקונים קלים:
    “שטויות” ולא “שתויות”
    ו “טפו טפו טפו”, במקום “תפו תפו תפו”.

    וגם יש עוד:


    • עידן לוין
      Apr 16, 2012 @ 17:29:15

      אני גם חושב: אוטוטו במקום אותותו


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    !תודה רבה


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