The last couple weeks I’ve spent a lot of time on listening to Hebrew — either radio, podcast, or youtube movies.

Today I updated my Tatoeba sentence deck. Originally it was 7,000 Hebrew sentences but I added an odd 25,000 more Hebrew sentences with the English translations. I also added  audio files to t237 of the sentences.

I’ve already recorded around 1,100 sentences. My goal for the next few days is to segment the remaining sentences and add them to the deck, as well as record another thousand sentences.

Segmenting the sentences and inputting them into Anki is rather time consuming, but since I’m listening to the audio and looking at the translation while I’m doing it, I feel it’s partly study as well.

The more I work on the Tatoeba deck, the more I like it. It starts out with really simple sentences and then goes to more complex sentences. It also often includes several different ways to say the same thing, which I find it fun to learn at the same time.