When I was in Israel I would often buy the Sha’ar La’Mathil. I never got the digital version. (I hadn’t even realised one existed). Then several months ago the newspaper ceased publication.

Browsing the internet for useful materials I came accidentally upon two other easy Hebrew newspaper — the Bereshit and Yanshuf. The Bereshit is a beginner’s newspaper and the Yanshuf is for those who are intermediate or advanced. They have a test you can take to determine your level. I was originally planning on getting the Bereshit but I scored a 90/100 on the test so they recommended I get the Yanshuf instead. I ordered my 2 year electronic subscription earlier this week and just got an email today that the first two issues were available.

In Israel when I read the Sha’ar La’Mathil with friends we had to get someone to read the text for us. We then recorded it so we could use it for listening and pronunciation practice. Words we couldn’t figure out we also had to ask a Hebrew speaker. However the Bereshit and Yanshuf come with a dictionary sheet and (best of all) audio.

I’ve added the audio into itunes. I’ll sync it with my ipod touch and listen to it to familiarize myself with the articles before I dive in and read the articles.