Someone on the How-to-Learn-Any-Language Forum asked about Hebrew audio books. This is my response, which I’m posting here as well because the how-to-learn-any-language forum restricts posts after a certain time period.

Fortunately, there is quite a wealth of material audiobook-wise for Hebrew. You can buy audio books at Sonic Books

I also used the New Testament in Hebrew as it’s been translated into modern Hebrew and the audio and text is available freely online. Just search Itunes podcasts for ‘Bible’ — 
New Testament in Itunes 

There are lots of copies of the Torah as well with audio but that is Biblical Hebrew and slightly different. One thing nice about the New Testament is it’s word-for-word but it’s dramatised so even without any Hebrew knowledge you can guess what’s happening in the story by who’s speaking. 

Librivox also has 21 things read in Hebrew. Some of the books recorded there are 
Biblical, others are in more modern Hebrew.