Favorite Hebrew blog these days

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My favorite Hebrew blog these days hands down is Ktzat Ivrit. Every day they introduce a new word and explain some of the background of what it means and where it came from. They also include several example sentences with each word.

Although it has been fun reading the posts (and you can get them in your facebook feed as well) because they didn’t have audio with the sentences I haven’t been able to really use the words or sentences in my studying.

However, starting today they seem to be including audio for the sentences along with the sentence and translation. This has become an amazing resource. I’ve already put today’s sentences (with the audio and explanations) into Anki. Going on into the future I’m going to make these blog posts and audio a regular staple for my Hebrew study.


Hebrew Anki deck

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Using the new Anki sharing interface (with the new Anki 2) I’ve uploaded my Hebrew deck.

The sentences and words in this deck have been gleaned from a very wide variety of sources, with a large percentage from pop songs. There are only 1686 cards at the moment, a lot of them (but not all) with audio.

I’m sure with any collection of sentences this big there are also some mistakes. If you do find any more mistakes I’d be grateful if you’d let me know.

I’ll continue to edit, delete the sentences that are here as well as add many more sentences (and audio).


Hebrew listening

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The last few months I’ve been outside of Israel and focusing more on other languages so I haven’t been able to work as hard on Israel as before.

However to and from work I’ve regularly been listening to Hebrew songs. At first I could barely understand anything but after a few months of listening to them almost every day for forty minutes I’ve been surprised how many words I can pick out and understand. Even the words I don’t understand I hear as individual words instead of some run together gobblygook. This is encouraging.

I’ve also written some diary entries.