Hebrew today

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fun hebrew lesson! some days I can’t say anything sensible, other days it just seems to flow. . . . this was one of those good days . . . and my teacher was surprised how fluent I was! kkkk

I also got an offer to call him once a week to talk with him for ten minutes or so for free. . . so I can keep up my Hebrew, even while in Iraq.^^


The days after Hanukkah. . .hanging on

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Since Hanukkah I’ve still been studying Hebrew — although it has been hard to stay motivated.

In the last few days I’ve been able to translate a bunch of news articles with one tutor and practice telling stories with picture books with another language helper.

I had neglected Anki for a while — but started today reviewing old cards. I meant to add new cards from interesting youtube movies I found today but internet troubles caused me trouble.

Tomorrow my plan is to keep on reviewing Anki and add a bunch new interesting cards to my deck. Not one day can go by without adding cards. . . . .