I wrote a bunch of emails in Hebrew today. Actually when I get down to it is not as hard as it feels before I’ve started anything.

I’m keeping on looking for fun dramas to watch. I’ve been watching a bit of a Japanese animation translated in Hebrew – סיילור מוןEven though there aren’t any subtitles I’m finding it a lot easier to understand the dialogue and what is going on than the other dramas or comedy shows I’ve been watching. Perhaps its partly because it’s written for children. The fact that it is translated might also mean the sentence structure and word choice is easier than other stuff. I want to watch all of סיילור מון and see if I can find other Japanese anime dubbed in Hebrew. . . I’m sure I’ll get tired of watching more than a hundred of these episodes. . . even though I can follow the story pretty well.

One thing I like about the animation is that there’s much more dialogue in a regular animation episode compared to a drama episode. And the speaking tends to be faster.

One drama I have enjoyed though is גיא אוני . It seems to be set (if my interpretation is right) in Israel a long time ago when Jews were first coming here and settling the land (seventy, eighty years ago?). Perhaps because its historical (I love history) I’ve found it quite intriguing, although unfortunately I’ve only found the fourth episode online. frown Hopefully I can find the first three episodes somewhere.