I put more advertisements up for language helpers. And I have one of Hebrew practice scheduled for Saturday.. . . 🙂 Still need many more helpers though.

Yesterday I went to the university library, met a Korean friend in the morning and then spent the afternoon on Anki (mostly) and a little bit of time on some anime I found. Anki takes so long. . . I want to try to find an easier way to input them with audio. In some ways the time spent is worth it because I’m hearing the segment several times and really processing it instead of just inputting it into my deck. On the other hand I really want to get more cards in my deck fast!

I woke up with a cold this morning. I’ll have to drink lots of water and tea the next few days. I have a short month ahead to learn a lot of Hebrew and I don’t want to be sniffing my way through it. 🙂