I’m headachy today and am rather frustrated with the amount of language study I’ve been able to get done so far today.

Things to do today:

  • Lots of Anki
  • One hour lesson with Hebrew tutor
  • Contact more people for language practice sessions.
  • Finish transcription for the monologue I already got.
  • Find another monologue to take down as a dictation.

About Anki. I was able to do a bunch of reviews yesterday but I didn’t add any new cards. I need to add a substantial amount of cards every day to get to my monthly goal. We’ll see if I can make up today some of what I didn’t do yesterday.

Dictation. I found dictation quite helpful when I did it a few days ago. (Even though I did quite badly.) I want to make it regular part of my study routine. After I transcribe as much of the audio as I can I upload it to lang-8 and ask some of the proofreaders to correct and fill in the missing parts. Later I can put this same audio and transcript into Learning with Texts to further massage.