Lately I’ve started to record my Hebrew study time (à la Elaborate Korean) and I’ve been rather shocked how few hours I’ve actually had Hebrew input the last few days. Although other means of input are very valuable, I would like to schedule several hours every day to just inputting Anki sentences and reviewing Anki reps.

I’m definitely not spending the amount of time I wanted to or enough to learn this language and culture well fast.

The last few days I have been watching some Hebrew youtube movies, listening to Hebrew music, and doing some intensive listening to audio books. Even though these do not feel like studying, I sometimes find them often more useful than Anki (and often they reinforce what I learned in Anki — when I hear the same words and phrases I had learned before.) I want to do more of this as well.

I need to find more ways to talk more! The last few days I haven’t spoken anymore Hebrew than a couple sentences here and there throughout the day running errands.