I have a new Anki goal.

Can I collect a hundred new Hebrew sentences every day for my Anki collection?

I’ve made a progress chart as well. . . a ten by ten table with each square representing 100 new Hebrew sentences as I collect them.

How will I collect them (Sentence Mining Resources) ? 

1. Songs I segment. (I’ll download the youtube video with the chrome plugin, convert it to an mp3 with Media Converter and then segment it with audacity and put it in with the line in Hebrew (via Shiron) and the English translation (via Google Translate).

2. Youtube videos with Hebrew subtitles like  (המרוץ למיליון עונה 2). I’ll transcribe the Hebrew, look up the meaning of the sentences if or phrases with Google Translate. The segmenting I’ll do the same as the songs I find on youtube.

3. Sentences for Hebrew Pod 101.

4. Audio books. I’ll type in sentences, and then segment the mp3.

One thing I would like to make sure is that each of these sentences are short enough to read and remember easily. Some of the early sentences I inputted were way too long and I’ve had to suspend them or break them up into smaller parts so I could use them productively.

Onward ho!