My plan was to add 100 new sentences to Anki. I only added 44.

Part of the reason was (compared to when I studied Korean) the sentences are much harder to gather. For Korean online dictionaries had loads of example sentences with translations that I could plugin. For Hebrew I’m left trying to find interesting and useful sentences in primary source material. I get quite nice sentences, but it takes work. Another reason it’s slow going is that (unlike Korean) I’m adding audio to 99% of my input.

Besides adding new sentences, I also reviewed my Anki for 43 minutes.

Tomorrow my goal is to beat both these records. I’m not sure if I’ll keep trying for my original goal of 100 sentences a day though because I feel a variety of input is a good thing. If I spend all my input time on sentences, I’m not reading texts, watching movies, or listening to songs as much. I have to find some sort of balance.

One of the nice things due to my song-intensive learning approach is that I’m starting to recognize (and know the lyrics for) quite a lot of songs I hear on the street or on TV. Kind of cool. 🙂