I added 10 sentences to Anki from ספורי מינטשיק הדור. I have the audio for this book as well as the text so I segmented the audio and put that in with the text.

I also spent forty-five minutes reviewing Anki words. Thirty of those minutes were during my walk.

I was reading my old Korean language learning journal yesterday and was surprised how much Anki I did.

Anki has been one part of my Hebrew language learning program that I’ve neglected the last month — and so I still have a backup of sentences to review. That changes though from today — I want to make sure I get at least 45 minutes of review every day and continue to add sentences.  smile

One of the things I’ve learned is that the more sentences I find and add to Anki, the more incentive I have to review the old sentences. If I haven’t added sentences in a while, it’s much harder to open the deck and start reviewing.