I had a quick trip to Petra that disrupted my Hebrew studying schedule. . . but now back in Haifa and ready to hit the books like never before.

On the five hour bus ride from Eilat to Jerusalem I realized that I can understand foreigners speaking Hebrew quite well. I can also express myself pretty well in basic Hebrew. I have a very hard time (besides a few phrases here and there) understanding Hebrew spoken by native speakers. Even Hebrew speaking by Arabs is easier for me to understand than real Hebrew.

The next few weeks I want to really focus on listening as well as continuing to work on my speaking and reading/writing skills.

On the bus to Haifa I lost my backpack so Sunday afternoon I was going from bus station to bus station explaining in Hebrew that I had lost my backpack. I finally found it. . . and was happy that I was able to go about finding it mostly in Hebrew (it helped also that most of the bus drivers didn’t know very much if any English).

Talking with taxi drivers and bus drivers about my lost bag in Hebrew went well. However afterwards, when I tried talking to my skype tutor I found myself get all tied up in knots. To learn how to tell this story well, I wrote it up in lang-8 and had my story corrected there. I’ll try to get a recording of the corrected sentences and put them in anki to review with the rest of my sentences.smile