The last month hasn’t been as good as I wanted it to be with respect to Hebrew study. I”ve been having a hard time staying motivated to completely immerse myself Hebrew. As a result my Hebrew has been more of a here-and-there thing instead of something I”m involved with the whole day long. I”ve also had a hard time setting up time to schedule speaking practice sessions.

However, I”ve been keeping on listening to Hebrew songs, speaking in Hebrew with people outside, and reading newspaper articles and using Anki. Except for last week I”ve been continuing with my Skype Hebrew lessons.

Since I can do Anki on my ipod I want to start taking walks to review my anki phrases. I”ve read somewhere that the brain can remember things better when you are doing some kind of exercise.

Language learning, at least for me, is about motivation and energy more than anything else. If I have good strategies and put in the time I will learn the language. The key is to keep up the motivation to keep plugging away, even when the going gets hard.wink One of the ways I”ve found useful for maintaining motivation is reading articles on language learning. In that vein, I found a very wonderful site with useful language articles, including an article on 25 ways to find comprehensible input. I’m going to try to use those ideas in the next few weeks.