I came back from a short trip to Turkey Tuesday evening, but have been energy-less and motivationless the last few days . . .

But it’s time to get back into the swing of things. . . and harder and better than before.

I was able to meet my basic conversational Hebrew level very well in the seven week challenge I did before. . . now I’m trying to make a bunch or concrete goals for the next six weeks or so. The hard thing is I’m now somewhere in the intermediate stage — which is nice that I’m not a beginner. . but there are still loads of things I can’t talk about yet. My conversational skills are basic. . and need honing. My reading and writing skills definitely need work as well.

I’ll plan on increasing my skills in all areas — conversation (speaking/listening), reading, and writing. Anki will play a bit part in my strategy, as well as regular  (scheduled and random) speaking and conversation practice.

I’m listening to a Hebrew news station for the first time in several weeks, and am surprised how many parts I understand.  This is fun!^^