I had a great official lesson today with Street Hebrew, getting rock clear on the superlatives used in Hebrew.  (I’ll write a detailed review of the lessons later on after I’ve taken a few more, but so far I’ve learned a lot through them).

I was able to schedule one appointment today, so I’ll head off to the university today to meet him there. This will be the second person I’ve met just scheduling the appointment totally in Hebrew. Now I also want to speak completely in Hebrew when we meet.

The bus trip to the university is about an hour long but I have a bunch of Anki to catch up on and several podcasts to listen to, so I’ll be keeping busy.

Anno said: 

The first goal is to find a way to chat with people online in Hebrew. There are several ways I’m going to go about this. One of them is find people on skype to chat with. Another way is joining a couple language exchange sites.

I started using both italki and my language exchange and sent a lot of different messages, but so far haven’t been able to chat with anyone yet.  One thing I’ve tried to do is find Israelis who are interested in studying Korean. That way I can exchange Korean for Hebrew and get to practice both languages, having my cake and eating it too.laugh