Disappointingly I wasn’t able to go to meet the person I was planning on talking with in Hebrew this evening.cryHowever, I was able to do a lot of work with Anki — putting in new sentences and reviewing them. I now have 614 facts (mostly sentences) compared to four hundred a few days ago. This week’s goal is to increases the anki facts to 1000. For most sentences I have three fields, the Hebrew (with audio if possible), and then on the backside the English translation and the transliteration if there was no audio.

The more I speak with people the more I realize how many things I still need to learn, when I find myself needing a word or idea and having to explain around it or having to use a prop or hand motion to express myself.

One of my language helpers introduced me to the movie Sweet Mud. I’ve downloaded the move with English subtitles, so I’ll watch it tomorrow in my down time.

I have two specifically speaking goals for tomorrow. The first goal is to find a way to chat with people online in Hebrew. There are several ways I’m going to go about this. One of them is find people on skype to chat with. Another way is joining a couple language exchange sites.

The second goal is to meet two Hebrew people in person tomorrow and talk with them in Hebrew. I haven’t even set up appointments yet, so I’ll need to send some e-mails off tonight!laugh