One very important part of language study is continual evaluation. But evaluation is not just an assessment of present shortcomings and goals for the future but also an evaluation of how far along the trail one has actually trod.

Today was pretty cool, language-wise. I was mostly inside but in the afternoon I went to the laundry to pick up my clothes and made sure (in Hebrew) that she didn’t need the receipt. In the evening I ordered shwerma, and was able to answer all of their questions (What kind of shwerma did I want? (laffa) Was I eating it here? (yes, i was) What toppings did I want? (Everything) and when paying, “Had I ordered any drinks (no)). Afterwards I went to the store, bought a few things, and discussed with the clerk the price of humus — was 850 grams for 13.50 or 1kg for 18.90 cheaper?

This is a marked change from just a short while ago. Two weeks ago I would have broken down and I would have tried to and felt the need to speak in English in all of these situations. But today I spoke not a word of English and I was able to communicate well. I am speaking Hebrew now.