I didn’t complete my goal yesterday of setting up times with all 13 of the people that contacted me back saying they wanted to meet. But I did contact the majority of them, and I already set up a time to meet one person for today at 12 pm, and another person for Monday.

You definitely do learn by doing. I had no idea how to write emails to set up appointment times in Hebrew but with the help of Google translate, I now know much better how to do it. Now even if I didn’t have Google translate to help me I know how to write that sort of thing.

Even though using Hebrew to set up appointment times has increased my confidence by leaps and bounds, I am still rather apprehensive about today. We set a time and a place to meet (using google translate to understand his emails and send replies), and now I have to meet him. And I want to speak only in Hebrew and not revert at all to English. How in the world should I go about that? What should I talk about?