Great news: I got in all six replies to the advertisement I put up for language helpers. That’s more than enough. Some of them are interested in helping me for minimum wage, some in language exchange . Either way works for me. In some ways I prefer language exchange because I have lots of time but not very much money.

A few days ago I wrote six people on Couchsurfing asking about meeting for coffee. Three of them wrote back saying they were eager to meet.

Now I have few more goals. Tomorrow’s goal – schedule a meeting with each of eight of these people (one has tests this week and can’t meet) using only Hebrew. Some of the respondents gave me phone numbers so those people I guess I’ll have to use google translate and text them as I wouldn’t be able to communicate very much on the phone. Others I can keep on using google translate to correspond with them by email.

After we have set up an appointment I have two more difficult challenges. 1st Challenge: communicate with them solely in Hebrew (this will be incredibly hard). 2nd Challenge: be a fun and interesting enough so  that they will want to meet a second time.