anno said:

2. Advertising Put advertisements up in the university and around town offering minimum wage for people to sit and talk with me in Hebrew (I’m not looking for teachers, just someone who doesn’t mind earning minimum wage and talking to me).

Wow, I put up advertisements this morning and I already got my first response! Yippeee! There is something extremely pathetic about having to pay people (at minimum wage which here in Israel is 20 shekels (or about 5 dollars)) to be your friend and talk with you. But it’s the patheticness of the advertisement that draws people to answer. I’m sure they’re thinking, wow, this person really needs a friend. kk

Perhaps I should have a little more self-respect, but if this is what it takes to get people to talk with me, I don’t mind in the least.^^

I had put up advertisements in English several weeks ago asking for language exchange and didn’t get a single response. This advertisement in Hebrew seems to be working much better. I’ll put up a lot more up tomorrow.