The last few days I’ve been watching movies in Hebrew over and over again. I find the first time I barely understand anything but by the third or fourth time I’m able to suddenly understand quite a lot of the dialogue. Saturday I watched Bee movie several times. Yesterday and today I watched The Chronicles of Narnia — The Voyage of the Dawn Treader several times.


But my goal is conversational level seven weeks. . . and what I have been doing so far is only stockpiling. Stockpiling is good but I need to practice having conversations with people. So far I’ve had a hard time getting up the courage to talk to people, but in the next week I’m going to use three strategies to get more speaking practice.


1. Couchsurfing contact couchsurfing members and ask if they would like to have coffee somewhere. . . and practice speaking Hebrew with them.

2. Advertising Put advertisements up in the university and around town offering minimum wage for people to sit and talk with me in Hebrew (I’m not looking for teachers, just someone who doesn’t mind earning minimum wage and talking to me).

3. Street-talking I’m shy about this. . . but tomorrow my goal is to ask three people directions on the street and three people the time.laugh