After five weeks away from Israel I’m back again. . . . and trying to think of loads of ways to keep on learning Hebrew.

For one thing — I’m planning on skipping the volunteering for the next few months. Instead I’ll be renting a room and living in a biggish city so that I can spend the whole day on language learning — part of the time individual study, part of the time with language helpers, and the rest of the time socializing in Hebrew only.

Secondly, starting from this week Friday I’ve decided I will not speak any English to any Israeli who speaks Hebrew. The immediate benefit of this decision will be that any conversation or socialization I have afterwards will necessarily be in Hebrew. There will be initial stress and hardship, and so the goal this week is to work hard so any stress and hardship is minimised.

I’m already thinking ahead what kind of things I’ll perhaps need to say in Hebrew — looking up words in the dictionary and reviewing necessary grammar. This week I’m already trying to say as much as I can  in Hebrew. The times I find myself reverting to English I’m making a note of it and thinking over how I could have expressed the same idea in Hebrew so that next time I won’t have to revert to Hebrew.