Last week was terrible Hebrew study wise — I got some studying done but very little compared to how much free time I had.

However, the last few days I’ve got a decent amount of Hebrew done — at least compared to the last week when I barely got anything. Yesterday I had to pick 100 kilos cucumbers so I did it listening to Pimsleur Hebrew and this morning when I was chatting with 은하 and Joseph I was watching two episodes of החברים של נאור (Hahaverim Shel Naor) — the first time I barely understood everything, but the more I watched it and had it playing in the background the more I started understanding what things meant and what the story was about.

Right now I just put on Pimsleur in the background — I find even if I don’t get everything from the lesson that way, it’s still in the background and I’ve been surprised that I’ve been getting more than I realized.

One of the reasons I haven’t gotten as much Hebrew done as I had hoped for was for lack of energy — so I need to try to combat that as well as working on Hebrew. Two strategies I’ve found immediately helpful – make sure I drink lots of water, and put my contacts (I wear contacts) on early in the day instead of spending the morning and early afternoon contactless.