It’s been raining and pouring here where I am in Israel. Although it makes it hard to work it makes it easy to sleep or study — two luxuries I’ve enjoyed indulging in the last few days.

Yesterday I tremped to the Aroma cafe and got about four hours of decent study done — from four pm to nine thirty. I can definitely concentrate better there than at the farm. I mostly worked with Colloquial Hebrew. I got to the middle of the seventh chapter. Since there are only fourteen chapters I’m hoping to finish the book by tomorrow.

Because I want to move fast through the book I’m skipping most of the exercises and focusing on the grammer, vocabulary, usage, and the dialogues — writing stuff down in my notebook as I go. I want to internalise the information by practicing with people and working with source materials or listening to and memorising the dialogues rather than doing the exercises.

My practice in cursive writing has gone very good. I’ve been practicing writing the first few lines of ‘Vodka and Bread’. I also wrote a lot of my vocabulary from Colloquial Hebrew in cursive which gave me a lot of practice. I can write almost all the letters confidently now — if I keep practicing by tomorrow I shouldn’t have to look at my cheat sheet at all.