I’ve been discouraged recently how little Hebrew I’ve been studying and learning. The zest for studying comes and goes and my laptop is broken so I can’t watch stuff in Hebrew in my downtime.

My laptop should get fixed soon though and in the meantime I want to finish all three Pimsleur courses that I’ve been wanting to finish for a while but have only half-heartedly worked on. I was hoping I could study them in the fields but there hasn’t been enough farm work to give me time to listen. So today I decided to go for a two hour walk and fimished four episodes. I think I’ll keep on doing this because I have a lot of time on my hands but if I listen to them sitting or lying down I’ll fall asleep.

I bought the audio book ‘Vodka and Bread’ and have been listening a lot to that in my down time — and have been able to pick out words and phrases which is a lot of fun. I also bought the hard copy so I can use it with the audio.

While my computer is away I want to get really good at writing Hebrew– which is my goal for the next three days. My plan? Copy out the first several pages of ‘Vodka and Bread’ in handwritten script.