I’ve been brainstorming a bit the best strategy to learn Hebrew. I’m learning lots right now with Rosetta Stone and Pimsleur, and complementing it with Accel Flashcards. All these resources should give me good foundation but won’t get me very far past that.

Lack of media and particularly audio with a script doesn’t seem to be a problem right now so I want to dive right into creating sentence cards (ala AJATT’s sentence method) to learn Hebrew as I’m finishing Pimsleur and Rosetta Stone. I was amazed at the amount of Korean I learned once I started using the sentence method. It’s easy and stress free because I’m not trying to memorize anything, just trying to learn.

I’d like to get recordings of sentences on rinsopike but so far that doesn’t seem to work to well for Hebrew. I found online a New Testament translated in modern Hebrew which will be a great source for sentence mining.  I also found a few books on Librivox in Modern Hebrew.

I’ll add these sentences to the words that I got from both ulpans A and B that I got online. I’ll try to put audio for those words with Forvo but I don’t want to work to hard on that because a lot of those words I have the audio for in Accel ipod flashcard program I’m using.

For all the sentences that I put in I will put audio though. These I can get from movies with subtitles, tv shows with subtitles, interesting lines from songs, the New Testament audio, Librivox audio, and I’ll buy several of the audio books from the audio book site I found. That should get me plenty of things to work with.