The last twenty four hours I’ve had my four first real conversations in Hebrew. . . which has been very cool. I talked to the guard yesterday night asking till when he worked and talking about my friend, saying he was sleeping now. Then today I talked to the guy changing our lightbulb, asking him his name, and if he worked in Kedma (I wanted to practice asking him his age, but didn’t know if that was appropriate, so I skipped that). Tremping to the town later this afternoon I got to ask the driver where his house was and where he was going.

Later I talked to boy while tremping (hitchhiking) and we had a very long conversation — where did I work? I worked in in this kfar noar. . . what do I do there? I work in a green house. . . . how many people did I work with? . . there are three of us working there. . . where am I from? what does he do? he’s a student. I love it when people don’t switch to English when you don’t understand and instead try to explain what they said again in Hebrew or ask the question slower. It’s incredibly helpful.

Being able to have somewhat sensible (although very broken) conversations with random people is really cool — especially since these first four opportunities came right after another. I need to keep on seeking out opportunities to practice.