I found a whole list of Hebrew shows over at Nogoodnik’s Hebrew language learning blog. I’m busy procuring them now. The list is:

הבורר (Haborer)
החברים של נאור (Hahaverim Shel Naor)
מסודרים (Mesudarim)
סרוגים (Srugim)
פולישוק (Polishook)
רביעיית רן (Revieyat Ran)
רמזור (Ramzor)
שירות חדרים (Shirot Hadarim)

Some of them you have to search in the Hebrew, sometimes in the translation.  I was told Hahaverim Shel Naor has Hebrew subtitles which will be very useful for looking up words in the dictionary.

Update: I showed a friend at the Kfar Noar this list and he gave me another series to download: RedBand.