Hebrew study has not been going as fast as I wanted to these last two weeks.  Lack of study  is partly due to getting accustomed  to Israeli and partly also because moving from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem gave me a whole new city to sight-see and get used to.

Regardless I’ve been having a fun time watching Mulan in Hebrew (which I’ve watched about three times now). I also went to a congregation on Shabbat.

The biggest disappointment has been my progress with the Accel flashcards. It’s harder to learn new words with flashcards than I realised.

I was able to acquire levels 1 and 2 of Rosetta Stone Hebrew version 3 (don’t ask me how, though!) and have started to use that to supplement my Pimsleur listening.

I’ve listened to level 18 in Pimsleur Hebrew I, but I don’t know everything in the lessons to that point. I’ve instead been trying a rather relaxed way of listening to them — listening right now to get a gist and find out where the lessons are going. . .and not yet for making sure I know how to say every word properly. After I’ve got a general idea of the things taught in the first thirty lessons I’ll listen to each one again carefully and make sure I get all the grammar and vocabulary points. I have level II and level III is on the way so that should keep me busy for a few weeks.

Next week Thursday I go to Kedma Village which should give me more opportunity to speak and hear Hebrew.

This week I want to practice writing every day — writing out something I find on t he internet or in a newspaper a little bit every day so I get used to writing the Hebrew letters.

I’ll keep on working on Pimsleur and Rosetta Stone to get those materials mastered as fast as I can. And I’ll keep on working on the Accel flashcard program because any words I learn there will be much easier afterwards to pick them out of conversations or movies like Mulan that I listen to. (I’ve been able to pick out ‘family’ several times in Mulan because I first learned it with the Accel program).